Friday, February 26, 2016

Hi I'm Rico

Im Rico.
Like Rico Suave.
Yes I was named after a crummy song from the 90's, why do you ask??


I am an Apricot Cockapoo- My mom was a red cocker Spaniel and my dad was a buff/apricot toy poodle.I had 7 other siblings!!(Not to brag, but I was everyones favorite)
 I spent the first 9 weeks of my life on a farm in the middle of nowhere South Carolina.  About 3 weeks ago my new humans came and picked me out. I LOVE my new home.

Im a Sagittarius. I like homemade treats, (not very) long walks, chasing my cats, my crinkle pig, belly rubs, snuggles, and chewing.
Im pretty easy going. You see pet me. Its pretty simple really.

Everywhere I go people tell my humans that I look like a toy, or a puppy you see on a calendar. So mom is trying to make me an instagram star.

Follow me on Instagram!!  I am RICOCOCKAPOO.  Follow me HERE

Thanks for looking. I will try and update on a regular basis!!

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